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Noor Engineering is a full service solution provider that can work with you from the concept phase all the way to producton.  Our goal is to support you and guide you with our engineering and manufacturing expertise all the way through the NPI process.  We tailor our services to provide a customized solution for you because no two businesses or products are alike.  Call or click today to learn more about what we can do for you.


Engineering Design

Our design consulting service is custom tailored for your needs.  We can assist with concept generation and feasibility study as well as cost reduction and design improvements.  We also offer assistance with material selection and FEA (Finite Element Analysis) on your product to determine whether it will withstand the forces exerted on it during its use.  No two products are alike and our goal is to provide a unique solution that is ideal for your business.

Prototypeing & 3D Printing

Our 3D Printing service offers you the opportunity to review your design with a tangible object in hand.  We have capacity to print objects that are up to 20 cm in length and width.  This service has been invaluable for our clients when designing consumer products.  The fit, form and function is reviewed and has resulted in countless occasions re-design of the component once it is reviewed physicailly rather than on a computer screen.


​Noor Engineering has partnered with an offshore manufacturing facility that can create injection molded parts as well as castings.  This strategic alignment gives you the opportunity to see your design all the way through the entire process and eventually get high volume product.  This will provide you with a low risk, safe and reliable high volume manufacturing solution all bundled into one.